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Julie Diller Jewelry is both a metal studio and jewelry boutique that now offers DIY, hands-on classes for making custom jewelry.  Led by me, Julie Diller, a Fenton resident with 20+ years of jewelry making and metalsmith experience.

The studio is equipped with all the tools and materials needed for each project offered.  No experience is needed. 

Current Workshops








These workshops run between 2 - 3 hours.  


Age for workshop: 18+ unless accompanied by an adult

Food and drinks: you are welcome to bring your own 

Water, tea and coffee provided

***The studio is attached to my house with its own separate entrance located next to the garage doors with a sign above the door.  Please note there are several steps (18 to be exact) leading up to the studio***

Workshop Reviews

What a fun way to spend an evening!  Wine, girl talk, and learning some of what it takes to make that fabulous Julie Diller jewelry.... I love showing off my new rings, able to proudly say I made these!  I am looking forward to attending more of Julie's classes...actually I can't wait!    -Traci Adams

My talents do not lie in the artistic world. Yet somehow the creativity, patience and teaching skills of Julie Diller managed to eke this out of me. I made these. In her workshop. It was fun, incredible, interesting and empowering. All in a set of three little rings. Thanks Jules. Your talents lie in the artistic world.   '-Ellie Sevick

Thank you Julie for this ring workshop with my besties. It was so much fun and I love my finished pieces. In all my years of making jewelry I never made rings.... looking forward to taking another class!    -Anne Haas

Had so much fun with my girlfriends at this workshop. You don't need to be artistic, Julie explains everything step by step. It's a great evening and at the end of the class you get to go home with three beautiful rings that you created. This would  also be an excellent gift idea.    -Janet Flood

I had an amazing time at Julie's studio learning how to make a 3 ring set.  Julie's patience and detailed step-by-step instructions gave all of us the confidence to create a beautiful piece of jewelry to be proud of.  Thanks Julie for a great night out!   

-Kathy DuBois

What a great experience.  I love wearing the rings I made - I can't believe I made them myself!  Julie is as patient as she is talented.  A big thank you to her for sharing her well equipped studio and knowledge with us.  Awesome way to spend an evening with friends!

-Cindy Krueger

SOOOO fun!  My daughter and I plus each of our college roommates spent the morning making stacker rings in Julie Diller's awesome workshop.  Julie is a great teacher of her craft.  All of our rings are unique and adorable.  Can't wait to for the next class!

-Diane Wujciak

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